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We think access to aged care should be straightforward, yet we were seeing friends and family struggle to place a loved one into care. Seemingly endless paperwork, limited support from government agencies and confusion over fees and finances meant that it was not unusual to hear of weeks being spent trying to understand the system, even before the search started for a good aged care residence. Worst of all, however, were the questions over whether their mum or dad would be happy in their new home and get the quality care they need and deserve. There had to be a better way, so we started Senexus with the aim of simplifying access to aged care.

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Senexus derives its name from the combination of senex (a wise elder) and nexus (a series of connections linking two or more things). We think of our service as linking our elders, when they need a helping hand, to the very best and most appropriate aged care services. We provide assistance across the range of aged care services within South Australia, ranging from information on the financial implications of aged care, to providing facility recommendations based on individual circumstances. With Senexus, older Australians and their families do not need to go it alone when it comes to accessing aged care.

Senexus is a growing company with expert knowledge of the aged care system and extensive networks throughout South Australia. We know that your time is precious, particularly when the health of a loved one may be in decline, so we spend our time navigating the aged care system so that you can spend yours where it matters most.

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