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Admitting a loved one into aged care is a really challenging process. It’s not just the emotional strain it places on families, but the problem of quickly finding an appropriate aged care home, legal traps, dealing with fees and possible sale of assets can be a nightmare. Even people like Mark – a highly successful health care professional with a thriving consultancy – can find it overwhelming, and that’s why he turned to Senexus.

Mark’s parents had managed to maintain independence well into their old age. At 91, Gwenda and her husband, Peter, were still enjoying life at an independent living unit in Walkley Heights, when things suddenly turned for the worse. Mark’s dad became seriously ill, and was moved into palliative care. It soon became obvious just how much Gwenda had relied on her husband for her daily care and her need to find an aged care placement became a priority. But how would Mark provide his mother with the care she deserved? She only had modest assets, and Mark was adamant she should stay in the eastern suburbs to allow for frequent family visits.

Even with all his experience in the health sector, Mark knew finding a placement for Gwenda fast was the job of a professional. Within days of their first meeting, Senexus was able to close legal loopholes that could affect Gwenda’s care and assets, and provided her with a choice of three aged care homes, all within her means.

A little over a week later, Gwenda was in her new home in leafy Burnside, surrounded by caring staff, just a few streets away from her son. Senexus also negotiated a payment plan that would allow her the extra time needed to sell her unit to fund her care without incurring heavy charges from her new aged care home in the interim. Mark and his wife Sharon couldn’t believe how quickly and smoothly Senexus had made the process – keeping it stress free for his mother, as well as Mark.

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