Why use Senexus?

Senexus is one of Adelaide’s leading aged care placement providers. We help families understand how aged care can work for them, enabling them to be confident in their decision-making. Our efficient and holistic approach to aged care ensures that our elders, and their families, receive the right care and support.

Why should I use a placement consultant?

Many people admit a loved one to residential aged care without any assistance from a placement consultant.  So why would you pay for such a service?

While families may find aged care for a loved one, it does not mean that they made the best decision. We actually see many clients after their loved one has gone into care, and it can be very upsetting for them to learn that if they had done things differently, they could have paid less; or that had they structured the costs differently, their loved one could have gone to their aged care home of choice.

Just like using an accountant or a lawyer, for most people, when it comes to aged care, it is a case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ That’s why it makes sense to talk with Senexus should a loved one need residential aged care.

Top 4 reasons why clients use Senexus

I don't have the time to do this myself!

Your loved one may be in hospital, which is already stressful and emotional. You are interacting with doctors, social workers and other family members. But even if the transition to aged care is planned and your loved one is not in hospital, you may still be working or have young(er) children of your own that still require your attention. Yet, somehow, you are expected to get your head around the aged care system in a few days and make the best decision for your loved one. For many people, this process can take months. At Senexus, we can successfully complete the process in 3 to 5 days.

I need peace-of-mind that I am choosing a good aged care home

There are more than 200 aged care homes in the Adelaide metropolitan area. Like all industries, some aged care homes do a fantastic job, some are not particularly great, and most do exactly what we need and expect them to do. Unfortunately, without insider knowledge it is very difficult to tell which home falls into which category. At Senexus, we have expert knowledge of the aged care homes across Adelaide. You’ll also benefit from the experience of our past clients, as we survey all of our clients to learn about their experience at their chosen home.

I don't know how much this is going to cost

Aged care costs are complicated and, because they are means-tested (assets and income), they vary from person to person. Too many of our clients have acted on, or been put off by, outdated or incorrect advice from well-meaning friends, family and even some health professionals. To accurately know whether you need to sell the family home (often you don’t), or whether you can afford that premium aged care room (often you can) you need to talk with Senexus. We can complete an aged care financial assessment for you within 24 hours of your appointment, ensuring you have the advice you need to make the best decision.

My family members and I can't agree

It’s would be a boring world if we all agreed with everything. However, when it comes to aged care for a loved one, it can be quite important for the family unit to be united behind a decision. It certainly helps to reduce some stress and frustration if everyone is on the same page. Often, disagreements between family members come about from misinformation, frustration from trying to understand how the system works, or a lack of clear information on which to make decisions. When you engage Senexus, we can meet with all relevant family members to ensure that everyone receives the same, accurate information about the available options. It’s our experience that when everyone has the clear, straightforward advice they need, it becomes easier for the family to agree on the best course of action.

Hear from our clients

The best explanation of why you should consider using Senexus comes from our wonderful clients. Below is just a small selection of comments from families that Senexus have worked with.

“The financial advice and paperwork guidance from David has been highly professional and faultless. David’s experience was invaluable, in calculating all costs, explaining the whole process clearly and he even negotiated with the aged care facility for Mum & Dad to become permanent residents… I cannot praise or promote David and Senexus enough to express how grateful our family is for the service they have provided. We would not hesitate to recommend Senexus to others trying to decipher this emotional aged care process for their loved ones. You definitely need a professional as it is a road filled with financial potholes… It has now been six months since Mum and Dad entered aged care. I admit, I had misconceptions of aged care. Mum & Dad are noticeably more healthy and happy. They have great personal, medical, emotional care and a fabulous entertainment calendar!”

— S, 2018

“We are so pleased that we engaged Senexus. They suggested a wonderful new aged care facility that we didn’t know about, and saved us time and effort by managing all the paperwork and engagement on our behalf. Our father’s transfer went so smoothly and he settled into his new home quickly and with ease – which pleases us greatly. Thank you Senexus!”

— C, 2018

“Just a quick note to say thanks very much for your help in finding an aged care placement for both mum and dad. After my somewhat frustrating attempts to negotiate the aged care placement system, the move to engage the services of Senexus was certainly a great relief which resulted in a fantastic placement offer. Your assistance David in understanding the industry and helping to pull together all the required paperwork (including how best to present offers for consideration), and your extensive networks in the industry, certainly yielded a timely and ideal offer for the placement of mum and dad in a beautiful care facility Thanks again for all your help in taking the stress out of the process.”

— S&J, 2018

“A short note to say thank you for the advice and support you provided us with respect to navigating the very complex aged care system. Your in depth knowledge, empathy for our specific circumstances and sense of urgency assisted and supported our family at a very stressful time.  We have been able to respect both mum and dad’s wishes with the best possible outcome – thank you. More so, you assisted me by taking away tasks which were becoming all too consuming”

— D, 2016

“After speaking with you today I’m not sure how anybody gets through this process without the knowledge and compassionate support you provide. With all the negative things that have occurred… you are a reassuring guide and a much needed support in the process. You are undertaking a truly worthwhile and necessary role in one of the most confronting and stressful scenarios anyone is likely to face in life.

— B, 2015

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