Aged Care Consultancy Services

Our Aged Care Consultancy Services Might Be the Solution You Seek

At Senexus, we make your decision regarding aged care easier with our aged care consultancy services. We know that when you come to this point in your life, you need to make difficult choices—but you don’t need to do so alone.

What You Should Know About Aged Care Consultants in Adelaide

When one of your loved ones needs aged care, you will face many uncertainties. During your appointment with an aged care consultant at our office, we will address these questions with you.

  • There are so many variables that can influence your decisions regarding elder care. The cost is one of the most prominent ones. Our aged care consultant will discuss with you how these costs accumulate, making it easier for you to understand what you will get in return for your money.
  • Our consultant will advise you on the kinds of care available during your hour-long appointment. You will receive greater clarity about the difference between self-funded accommodation and supported accommodation.
  • Every aged care home has different features. After your consultation, you will feel more confident about what to look for as you are deciding on an aged care home.

Things You Can Learn from an Aged Care Consultant

You want to find the perfect solution for the needs of your aging loved one. Our consultants can advise on the different options available and help you to make an informed decision.

  • One of the options available is residential aged care. Our eldercare consultants go beyond the standard expectation and put effort into getting to know you and your loved one. Our insight into your personality helps us to advise you regarding your options, leaving us better-equipped to present a list of residential care homes available that will suit you.
  • Retirement living is available in two options. You can decide on independent living or a serviced apartment. Independent living is very suitable for retirees who are still very active and enjoy being independent. Independent living accommodation is available in various sizes from one-bedrooms up to as large as four-bedrooms. The kinds of accommodation range from complex living to stand-alone homes and beyond.
  • Serviced apartments are a living option with greater support. Serviced apartments are smaller, and residents receive daily assistance. This option includes several helpful services, from laundry to daily meals.
  • We will complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf. A financial assessment will give you a comprehensive image of all the fees involved. From the results of the assessment, you will be able to streamline your choices.

All these options have different benefits and costs. Our eldercare consultant can highlight these aspects to you, answering your tough questions and eliminating your uncertainty. We believe in always delivering friendly and thorough services.

Key Questions to Ask Senexus About Eldercare Consulting

The worst part of aged care uncertainty is not even knowing which questions to ask. Start here:

  • Many new applicants are unsure whether they can apply for eldercare on behalf of someone else. You can if you have the Enduring Power of Attorney to manage the individual’s affairs. We can assist you in securing the required documentation to apply on behalf of your loved one.
  • The application forms might be daunting. You may be unsure what sort of documentation you will need to apply. A standard application procedure will require documentation regarding the financial position of the applicant. Our Consultants will provide you with a complete checklist of required documentation.
  • You might be unsure of how the waiting list process works. It is not necessarily on a first-in, first-out basis. Our consultant can explain the process to you in detail.

Once you have gained more confidence, you discover new questions to ask. We welcome you to do so for your peace of mind.

About the Professionals at Senexus

Reaching an old age in life is a privilege, and we believe that proper care should be affordable and easy to find.

  • We make the process of aged care placements smooth and affordable for you and your family.
  • Our goal is to guide you to the best-fitting solutions for you. We accomplish this objective through honesty and transparent advice.
  • Our service is always professional, understanding, and supportive.

We build our reputation on consistently delivering trusted and compassionate support.

Why Trust Senexus Regarding Aged Care Assistance Placement Consultancy?

You don’t have to fear old age concerns with us by your side. Senexus maintains an extensive network across South Australia. The health and well-being of your elderly loved one is at the heart of our consultancy system for aged care. We realise the importance of limited time and assist you so that you can enjoy your time with a loved one without concerns for his or her future.

Contact us, and we can help you on your journey to securing comfortable care.

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