Aged Care Nursing Homes

Aged Care Nursing Homes Offer Various Options to You or Your Loved Ones

At Senexus, we have an extensive network of aged care nursing homes across a large part of South Australia. When you or a loved family member reach a ripe old age, you might begin to consider aged care assistance. We are here to advise you and answer all our questions so that you can find suitable aged care with ease.

When Should I Look for Adelaide Nursing Homes?

Your situation is unique to you. It might be that you want to hang onto an independent life for longer. Perhaps you prefer to move yourself or a loved one into aged care sooner to live there for many happy years to come.

  • When you start to consider the various aged care homes in your area, we invite you to speak to us. Our consultants can advise you on which options will best suit your needs. We can also give you guidance on how long the process will take.
  • You might have been considering aged care for a long time. If so, you have more time to prepare. In some instances, this scenario isn’t possible: if your health or the health of a family member took a sudden turn for the worse, then you might need aged care much sooner than you expected. We can not only advise you on solutions but also help you to speed up the process.
  • Caring for your aged loved ones can be very stressful on you and them. Taking care of someone might strain your relationship. When your loved one is in proper care, you can cherish the moments that you have with them without the stress.

What Is the Process of Nursing Homes’ Care?

The process of securing a nursing home and suitable care varies depending on your requirements.

  • After your appointment with our consultant, you will have a better understanding of your needs. Your knowledge of what is available will give you the confidence to move toward a decision. Scheduling the appointment is your first step in the process.
  • Let us complete a financial assessment. It will give you guidance on what you can afford. Our assessment also gives clarity on fees and charges that you should consider.
  • Your next step is to decide which solution suits you the best. This stage is when we help you with submitting required paperwork. After your application process is complete, you might be able to move right into your new accommodation—alternatively, your name will go onto a waiting list.

Depending on your circumstances, the process of finding care can either be as simple as these steps or much more complex. One advanced step is obtaining power of attorney, a process that we can assist you with, too.

Prepare for Your Visit to Senexus

The decision to let go of the lifestyle that you know can be daunting. We will make the process as seamless as possible for you or a loved one.

  • If you have scheduled an appointment with us, you have likely already spent a considerable amount of time pondering the idea of care. Rest assured that you are already taking all the right steps forward.
  • A visit to our website will give you some clarity on what to expect. The questions that we raise there will provide you with guidance on what to ask our consultant first.
  • Having your bank statements and other financial documentation on file will also help to speed up the process.

From your first appointment onwards, we will guide you through every step that you need to check off to complete the process.

What Makes Senexus a Reputable Service?

Senexus is a trusted name in elder care in Australia. We are registered with several authorities as a reputable and responsible service provider. Our network of residential care home options is extensive across South Australia. Our focus is delivering consistently professional and supportive care to you.

Contact us and let’s begin the journey to your golden years.

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