Aged Care Services

Does someone you love need aged care?
Whether you are time poor, confused by the process or stressed about the fees, Senexus will provide the advice you need.

Senexus offers a full range of services designed to ensure that your loved one will receive the very best in personalised aged care. You want your loved one to be happy and you need them to get the best care, and we take great pride in helping you achieve this.

We specialise in:

Residential Aged Care Placements
Find the right residential aged care home for your loved one. Our specialist knowledge of aged care homes in Adelaide, combined with expert understanding of the aged care system and fees, can take weeks off the placement process.

Aged Care Financial Assessments
Having the right information about how the aged care system works can make a big difference to what your loved one might pay for aged care. Unfortunately, most people simply do not have access to all the information they require, nor the time to try and make sense of it all. Senexus can promptly provide you with the advice you need.

Property Services
Preparing a house for sale or rent can be stressful and time consuming, particularly when it is a long-held family home. You may be faced with a daunting array of tasks including clearing the home, cleaning, basic maintenance and gardening.  Senexus are experienced in helping families manage the physical and logistical challenges of having to sell a family home.

Legal Services
When a loved one is considering entering residential aged care there are three critical legal documents that need to be in place. Senexus will lead you through the process of setting up (or reviewing) any necessary legal documentation.

Estate Administration
Managing a deceased estate can be quite daunting. Senexus provides a comprehensive estate services that takes care of all of the administrative processes.

Retirement Living
Get the independent advice you need to make the right choices when it comes to retirement living. Understand the differences between retirement villages, serviced apartments and independent living units, including all of the costs associated with each option. Senexus will take you through the options and help you choose the right retirement living option.

Does someone you love need aged care?

Get the advice you need.

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