Aged Care Fee Estimates & Financial Plans

The costs associated with residential aged care can be complex and difficult to understand.

Having the right financial advice can make a big difference to what you will pay for aged care, as well as the continuing financial health of your family. We offer a range of services, ranging from a standard cost assessment to a detailed financial plan.

Cost assessment

All Senexus clients receive a general cost assessment as part of the standard placement service. The aged care costs assessment includes:

  • An estimate of the fees and other costs of residential aged care for your loved one.
  • Assessment of whether a RAD (refundable accommodation deposit) will need to be paid. While premium rooms generally attract a high RAD, many clients are surprised to discover that premium residential care is within their budget.
  • Table showing the fees that will apply to rooms priced at different RADs.
  • Analysis of how much RAD to pay as a lump-sum.
  • Assessment of whether entering aged care will effect your loved one’s aged pension.
  • Comparison of the decision to sell, or rent, the family home.
  • General information on the options for meeting your loved one’s care and living expenses.
  • Timely completion and submission of the Centrelink or DVA Request for Asset and Income Assessment form.

Armed with this important information, many clients find that they are able to make a fully informed decision.

Financial strategy paper

A detailed strategy paper from an aged care financial adviser can make a big difference to aged care costs and fees. With a financial strategy paper you will receive specific advice outlining actions to:

  • Minimise entry fees and ongoing fees.
  • Maximise Centrelink or DVA entitlements.
  • Afford your preferred aged care option within a specific budget.
  • Invest surplus funds without impacting Centrelink benefits.

Financial advice

Senexus provides a full range of financial services designed for the whole family. A Senexus financial adviser can provide advice on matters of estate planning, inheritance, maximising tax-effectiveness, and retirement planning.

Understand the costs of aged care and maximise the financial health of your family.

I love my dad but felt like I was ready to scream. He has terrible eyesight and difficulty moving unaided, so I was going to his house every night after work to look after him. I felt disloyal even admitting that I needed a break. Senexus were great – supportive and knowledgeable, David arranged for my dad to have a week in respite care. It was the break that both of us needed.

- Charlie

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