Aged Care Fundamentals – Introductory Consultation

Get to know the basics of aged care in this tailored one-hour introductory briefing

Whether there is time to plan or whether it is urgent, the prospect of coordinating a parent’s or spouse’s admission to residential aged care can be daunting. How much will they need to pay? Will the house need to be sold? Will there be any impact on their pension? How can I find an aged care home I can trust to take good care of them? There are so many complex issues that making a decision can be time-consuming and frustrating.

That’s why Senexus offers a one-hour aged care fundamentals consultation, designed to introduce you to the basics of aged care. Topics include:

  • Understanding the factors that aged care homes consider when deciding whether or not to offer a place.
  • Aged care costs and how they are determined
  • How the Refundable Accommodation Deposit works.
  • Differences between a supported and a self-funded resident.
  • The features to look for when selecting an aged care home.
  • The differences between residential aged care, retirement living and serviced apartment options.

Each session is tailored to meet your specific circumstances, and your Senexus aged care specialist will work through any aged care questions that you have.

Avoid spending countless hours online trying to figure this out by yourself. With a Senexus aged care fundamentals consultation you will have the clarity and knowledge you need to confidently engage with aged care providers and make a decision.

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