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Many people admitting a loved one into residential aged care are faced with having to sell the family home. Whether selling or renting, there is a lifetime of belongings that must be cleared, packed, stored and disposed of.

Preparing a house for sale or rent can be stressful and time consuming, particularly when it is a long-held family home. You may be faced with a daunting array of tasks including clearing the home, cleaning, basic maintenance and gardening.

Senexus are experienced in helping families manage the physical and logistical challenges of having to sell a family home. We can manage a diverse range of services on your behalf to prepare the house for sale or rent, providing a single point of contact for all your property needs.

Preparing the house for sale or rent

We can take care of all aspects of preparing the home for sale or rent, including:

  • Clearing the home. This includes redistributing, selling or donating your unwanted items; removing hazardous materials; disposing of electronic waste and securely destroying all paperwork and documents.
  • Packing, transporting and storage of personal belongings.
  • Coordinating household services such as cleaning, rubbish removal, gardening and trades.

Selling the house

While the house is being cleaned and prepared for sale we will arrange for the property to be sold or rented through our specialist real estate partner. With a highly competitive commission rate, and a range of other benefits (including a free, no-obligation home appraisal), Senexus will help ensure that the house is sold for the best possible price in the time frame that best suits your needs.

We can manage all aspects of preparing and selling the home.

David was kind and considerate and took care of all the details at each step. That meant that my family and I could concentrate on my father-in-law and his wellbeing knowing that all the other matters were taken care of. David provided fabulous guidance throughout, giving us peace of mind and taking the pressure of us.

- Irene (55), Port Noarlunga, 2022

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