Welcome to the Senexus Aged Care Solutions blog. With every post you will gain insight into the workings of the aged care system in Adelaide.

In this post I’d just like to introduce you to Senexus and how we work. We believe in fast, timely, professional, independent  and honest service. We help families just like yours source the best aged care services for their loved one every day. We have successfully worked with*

  • Andrea, whose parter Ted has severe dementia. Andrea was caring for Ted at home, and while this was getting increasingly difficult, she didn’t think that she could afford to get him the care he needed
  • Jack, who was based in Queensland and needed help to find his mum a place in an Adelaide nursing home. Jack couldn’t take more than a few days away from work. Coming back to support his mum, he didn’t want to spend his limited time completing paperwork and desperately trying to evaluate different nursing homes.
  • Lucy, whose mum was in hospital following a fall. Lucy knew that her mum needed to go into residential aged care, but was not sure which nursing home would be the best fit for her mum.

We help you find the right residential aged care facility for your loved one. In this blog we will share the stories and information that highlight different aspects of aged care in Adelaide, as well as tips to ease the transition of a loved one into a nursing home.

Like to know more?  If you have a question regarding aged care please contact us on (08) 8344 1991 or via our website.

*names changed but all are real Senexus clients.

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