The Financial Assessment for Aged Care: A Guide to the Basics

Most Australians requiring residential aged care are eligible to receive some form of financial help from the government to pay for care and accommodation. Still, you need to complete the financial assessment for aged care to receive any assistance. At Senexus, we exist to make that process and tasks such as relocating and handling deceased estates straightforward. Learn more about how our compassionate team can help you by reading below. …read more

Our Aged Care Consultancy Services Might Be the Solution You Seek

At Senexus, we make your decision regarding aged care easier with our aged care consultancy services. We know that when you come to this point in your life, you need to make difficult choices—but you don’t need to do so alone. …read more

Introducing Our Aged Care Placement Services

If you’re struggling to live at home and need a bit of help with a few tasks, you might want to investigate aged care placement options. Fortunately, Adelaide boasts many wonderful accommodation choices. Better still, we can help you find the most suitable one for your needs, regardless of your budget. Read below, and we’ll shed light on our company and services. …read more

Nursing Home Services May Improve the Health of Your Loved Ones

Researching nursing home services is crucial before selecting one for your ageing relatives. You should observe the employees’ interaction with residents of the home as it provides more information to decide. …read more

Choose Senexus When You’re Looking for Nursing Homes in Adelaide

If you’re looking at potential nursing homes in Adelaide for a loved one, we can offer services that help meet all your care requirements. We understand that it can be difficult to admit a loved one into care, so we want to make the process easier by offering a service that helps you to make hard decisions. At Senexus, we make this complicated, stressful process much easier on everyone involved. …read more

Aged Care Wills is Essential for the Distribution of Property

Elderly loved ones will have gained assets, however small, over the years they’ve been active, and aged care Wills takes care of where those belongings go upon their death. …read more

Senexus Can Help You Find Reliable Aged Care Solutions

When you need reliable aged care solutions for a loved one, Senexus offers everything that you need to make the best decisions possible. With a supportive staff that covers everything from paperwork to choosing the right aged home for your loved one, Senexus does it all. …read more

Aged Care Nursing Homes Offer Various Options to You or Your Loved Ones

At Senexus, we have an extensive network of aged care nursing homes across a large part of South Australia. When you or a loved family member reach a ripe old age, you might begin to consider aged care assistance. We are here to advise you and answer all our questions so that you can find suitable aged care with ease. …read more

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