Nursing Home Services

Nursing Home Services May Improve the Health of Your Loved Ones

Researching nursing home services is crucial before selecting one for your ageing relatives. You should observe the employees’ interaction with residents of the home as it provides more information to decide.

What Is Included in Nursing Home Costs?

Nursing homes offer the most in-depth care for patients outside of a hospital. It’s a combination of medical, personal and social services for people who require physical and emotional care.

  • Medical monitoring. Maintaining a schedule regarding medical treatment is critical, more especially with older people that have been diagnosed with chronic conditions. Staff at a nursing home are responsible for administering the necessary medication at the required time to ensure its effectiveness. It also prevents the patient from forgetting their medication, which can occur if they’re living on their own.
  • Personal Care. Staff at a nursing home offer both personal and skilled care—the former deals with intimate requirements of a patient. Daily bathing, getting dressed, eating, and toilet assistance are the areas a professional can assist a patient. If an elderly patient is living alone, these tasks may prove to be difficult and could result in severe injury.
  • Accommodation and recreation. A private room is the standard offering at an aged home. There are social benefits as well. Instead of being in solitude without any social interaction, a home provides the opportunity to interact with people of similar age, being affected by similar issues. Friendships are formed which make daily living easier. Recreational activities are part of the extra services of aged care and ensure patients keep active and have fun too.

Prepare for Your Visit to Senexus

There are several questions to ask yourself when considering placing a loved one in an aged care home. Our one-hour introductory briefing answers all the pertinent questions.

  • Understanding the factors that aged homes consider when deciding to offer a place or not. It’s imperative to be aware of the various aspects of your case and whether it suits the requirements of the home.
  • The financial implications. Paying for the service is reliant on the patient or a loved one. It’s essential to determine the breakdown of costs. Decide on the budget available to invest in the service.
  • Consider the location of the property. Access to loved ones is a crucial aspect to both the patient and the family. A long drive may seem fine at first, but when it’s after a long day or week, it becomes a hassle. The home must be within close range of a family member who can visit the patient.

Why Senexus is Your Best Choice for Additional Services for Aged Care

We believe that aged care should be straightforward, ensuring the happiness of loved ones. However, we’ve seen people struggle with the process. They end up with loads of paperwork and have major confusion over the fees and services by aged homes. Our knowledgeable staff are available to provide advice on cost implications and personalised aged care recommendations.

Furthermore, our other services include assistance with property and legal services, estate administration and retirement living. We understand that the process is stressful. Therefore, we do the work for you and recommend several options based on your requirements. Contact us for a consultation to begin aged care for your loved one.

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